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The following articles are authored by Alexander R. Malaket, CITP, President of OPUS Advisory Services International Inc., and address numerous themes in international trade and trade finance. All articles are in PDF format.

OPUS Advisory White Papers 2013 

Next-Generation Trade Finance (FI Metrix)

Observations on Evolution of Trade Finance, Introduction to the Bank Payment Obligation (SWIFT)

Leveraging Cash to Compete: Supply Chain Finance (Misys)

OPUS Advisory at the United Nations Global Commodities Forum, 2011

Thoughts on Trade Finance - Conference Paper

Seizing a Moment to Make a Difference - Presentation

Audio - Alexander R. Malaket Remarks

GCF 2011 Report for Trade Finance, March 2011


FITT (Ottawa) Trade Labour Market Pre-Assessment, 2011

Human Resources: A Vital Driver of Canadian International Trade Capacity & Capability

Human Resources: A Vital Driver of Canadian International Trade Capacity & Capability - Executive Summary

Trade Finance & GTB: Thought Leadership with BNY Mellon, 2010

2010 Thought Leadership White Paper: Evolution Through Collaboration, Published Sibos, October 2010

(Executive Summary)

OPUS Advisory Moderates 2009-2010 Thought Leadership Roundtables

Frankfurt, Germany - Villa Kennedy

Istanbul, Turkey - Ritz Carlton

Madrid, Spain - Zalacain Restaurant

Beirut, Lebanon - Intercontinental Le Vendome

Stockholm, Sweden - Grand Hotel Intercontinental  

HSBC Guides to Cash, Supply Chain & Treasury Management  

February 2012: Cash, Supply Chain & Treasury Management in Asia Pacific 2012 

March 2011: Cash, Supply Chain & Treasury Management in Asia Pacific 2011 

March 2010: Cash, Supply Chain & Treasury Management in Asia Pacific 2010 (Chinese & Korean Translations) 

March 2009: Cash, Supply Chain & Treasury Management in the Middle East 2009 

February 2009: Cash, Supply Chain & Treasury Management in Asia Pacific 2009 (Chinese & Korean Translations)

International Trade Centre, Switzerland  

December 2009: How to Access Trade Finance: A Guide for Exporting SME's ITC Trade Finance Unit (Content & Peer Review)

December 2008: Trade Finance, SME's & The Global Crisis ITC Business Brief

Trade Finance Magazine, Euromoney PLC, UK

April 2012: Eurozone Crisis: Ripples Across the Atlantic? 

November 2011: Trade Finance Regulation: Basel III Opinion Column 

September 2011: Sibos Issue: Emerging Markets Trade Finance 

September 2011: Sibos Issue: Trade Finance in Canada 

April 2011: Cover Story: Supply Chain Finance Coming of Age 

March 2011: Report on the UN Global Commodities Forum, Geneva, 2011 

October 2010: Trade Finance Tomorrow: Evolving or Develoving? 
(TFM Oct Cover Story - Image)

September 2010: Back to Basics: Nothing New to the Middle East

February 2010: Mexico: A Regional Lynchpin - Trade Finance in Mexico 

November 2009: A Step Backward for Trade Finance? Basel II & Trade Finance - COVER STORY 

November 2009: Cautious, Conservative...Consistent: Trade Finance in Canada 

September 2009: Supply Chain Finance SCF and the Global Crisis 

September 2009: Trade & Supply Chain Finance: Regional Themes Regional Views of Trade/SCF

May 2009: Success in Staying the Course: Trade Finance in Canada Trade Finance & the Global Crisis 

December 2008: Light at the End of the Tunnel: Trade Finance and the Global Crisis 
(TFM Dec/Jan Cover Story - Image)

September 2008: Finding the Cutting Edge in Asia SIBOS Special Focus - T&SC Asia-Pacific

June 2008: Flash of Brilliance, or Flash in the Pan - SCF North America

April 2008: Traditional Trade Finance: Twilight or Watershed? - T&SC Focus

October 2007: Rediscovering Trade Finance in North America - NA Trade Finance Providers

October 2007: Technology Promises for Trade - Delivered at Last? - Technology & Trade Finance

May 2007: Hidden Gem or Fool's Gold - Trade Services Operations

September 2006: Trying to Keep one Step Ahead - NA Trade Finance Providers

September 2006: Reality, or Simply a Fad? - Trade Services Focus, Cash Management & Trade

April 2006: Shadowing Trade - Compliance & Trade Services

February 2006: Supporting a Secure Trade Flow in LatAm - IDB Trade Finance Facilitation Program

November 2005: Banking Product or Relationship Service? Trade Services: Focus on Corporate Clients

April 2005: Is There Time to Evolve, or is it Time to Re-invent? Trade Services - Evolve or Re-invent

April 2004: Learning to Work Together - Processing: The Operations/SCF Disconnect 

Global Trade Review, Exporta Group, UK  

2009 MENA: Do Reality & Perceptions Align?: Perceptions and Reality in the MENA Region

2009 MENA: MENA Finds Fast Route to Change: Trade Technology in the MENA Region

July 2007: There`s a New Trade Financier in Town - Alternative Trade Finance: Non-bank Providers  

Cash & Trade Magazine, UK & Bahrain  

April 2013: The Right Way to Win Customers (Trust in Trade and GTB)

April 2012: The Evolution in MENA Banking Relationships 

May 2011: The Return of Risk in Trade Finance 

October 2010: The Trade See-Saw 

June 2010: MENA & China: Sign of a New World Order 

February 2010: Transparency in Trade, Cash & Credit: An Idea Whose Time Has Come 

August 2009: Trade Banking & Finance: Viewpoint - LAUNCH ISSUE Feature Article

Financial-i Magazine, UK 

Supply Chain & Trade Finance Handbook 2011: SME's and SCF 

January 2012: Trade & Supply Chain Finance Hitting its Stride

July 2011: Regulation in Trade Finance 

April 2011: Stakeholders in Trade Finance 

January 2011: Value of Trade Finance

Trade & Forfaiting Review, UK 

March 2013: Supply Chain Finance: Currency Concerns

June 2012: Trade/Cash Converence Panel: SWIFT Business Forum, London